Hair Colour "Miss Magic" 108 g - № 104 Brown

Hair Colour "Miss Magic" 108 g - № 104 Brown
Miss Magic

This rich new formula with Nurturing Fluid, a combination from natural Jojoba, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and Silicone, will safely colour your hair without damaging it. Nurturing Fluid protects hair and provides a bright and lasting colour, bringing out its natural vitality: Jojoba-restores and nourishes; Avocado-UV protection and softness; Almond-for healthy and vital hair; Silicone-for brilliance and volume. Neutralizing Balsam restores hair keratin and moisturizes hair.


Your hair is healthy and shiny, with saturated, deep and gorgeous colour.


Permanent Hair Colouring
Grey hair


Hair Colouring

Active ingredients: 

Jojoba Oil
Avocado Oil
Almond Oil


It safely colours the hair without damaging it
The new formula with phyto-ingredients nourishes, restores and softens hair, giving it brilliance and volume
It ensures 100% coverage of grey hair

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Colour

Miss Magic
Pack contains: 

Hair Colour tube 40 g
Developer 50 g
Nurturing Fluid 3 g
Neutralizing Balsam 15 g
Protective gloves
Directions for use