Hair Colour for Men "MM Beauty" 100 g

Hair Colour for Men "MM Beauty" 100 g

Colour for Men "MM Beauty" is a new hair colour specially designed for men. Its innovative formula without ammonia provides exceptional and durable colour with perfect cover of white hairs. It can be easily applied and for only 10 minutes it ensures an excellent result and natural colour of your hair.


After only 10 min. your hair colour is deep and natural. Excellent long-lasting result.


Hair Colour for Men


Hair Colouring

Active ingredients: 

Ammonia Free Hair Colour


10 min application
Ammonia free hair colour
Perfect cover of grey hair
Professional long-lasting result

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Colour

MM Beauty
Pack contains: 

1 Tube of hair colour - 50 g
1 Bottle with developer - 50 g
1 Instruction for use with gloves