Nowadays more and more men are colouring their hair. Some of them want to colour their grey hair, others want to change their appearance or to add a little diversity into their style. The new generation often tries to follow their favorite idols. A big part of the men decide to colour not only their hair, but also their beard and mustache. For thousands of years, the beard and the mustache have had more than a protective function - they are a sign of maturity and masculinity, but not every hair colourant is suitable for their colouring.


SOLVEX CP has created an innovative product suitable for colouring of the specific male hair, beard and mustache. ELEA Professional Color & Care MEN has an ammonia-free formula that regains the natural look of the hair and can be used for beard and mustache colouring too. It reveals its full potential for the record 5 minutes. It has perfect coverage of the grey hair, guaranteing long lasting result and a maximum natural colour. The composition of the hair colourant is gentle to the delicate skin of the face.


The colourant has a very slight resinous scent, and its consistency doesn`t allow to flow and drop into the mouth. The colourant should not be used on irritated or injured skin. Choose carefully the shade of the colourant comparing it to your brows and your natural hair colour. In case you are hesitating between 2 shades, your best choice is to use the lighter one. If you don`t like it anymore, you can always make it darker. Оnce you have found your right colour, you have to make a sensitivity test before colouring. Read carefully the instructions for use written in the leaflet inside the package of the product and follow them.


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