Super Decolorant PLATINER "MM Beauty Phyto & Blond" 100 g

Super Decolorant PLATINER "MM Beauty Phyto & Blond" 100 g

Super Blond for hair bleaching which gives great results and lightens the hair up to 7 tones.
Using this product you can easily:
•    Lighten both natural and dyed hair
•    Lighten the whole hair or make individual strands
The specially selected ingredients take active care of your hair during the lightening process.
The Phyto Complex with extract of Birch, Burdock, Chamomile and Calendula protects your hair during the lightening.
The Shine Colour Fluid with Keratin restores the structure of your hair and gives it more volume and shine.


Lightens hair up to 7 tones. Professional long-lasting result.




Contains Phyto & Blond complex
Professional lightening results
NEW Ammonia free formula
NEW Shine Colour Fluid
Lightens hair up to 7 tones
Has an anti-yellow effect

Cosmetic type: 


MM Beauty
Pack contains: 

1 Sachet of bleaching powder 25 g
1 Bottle of cream developer with phytocomplex 60 g
1 Sachet of Shine Colour Fluid 15 g
1 Pair of gloves
Instructions for use