Super Decolorant "MM Beauty" 95 g

Super Decolorant "MM Beauty" 95 g
MM Beauty

Super Decolorant MM Beauty ensures excellent results in bleaching your hair up to 4-5 hues. By using it you will achieve an intense, long lasting and shining blond colour. It can be used also as initial treating, when a darker semi-permanent or permanent hair colour should be removed. Its Phytocomplex formula with extracts of Birch, Burdock, Chamomile and Marigold protects your hair during the process of bleaching. Applying Shine Color Fluid immediately after bleaching brings more volume and shine to your hair.
The use of Super Decolorant MM Beauty on heavily damaged or deeply gray hair is not recommended.


Unique long lasting blond colour
Full of volume, shiny hair


Hair Bleaching

Active ingredients: 

Еxtracts of Birch, Burdock, Chamomile and Marigold


Lightens up to 4-5 shades
Long lasting blond colour
Excellent lightening results
Shine Colour Fluid ensures amazing shine and volume

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Bleach

MM Beauty
Pack contains: 

1 Sachet of bleaching powder 20 g
1 Bottle of cream developer with phytocomplex 60 g
1 Sachet of revitalizing balm Shine Colour Fluid 15 g
1 Pair of protective gloves
Directions for use