Semi-Permanent HAIR TONER ELEA 100 ml

Semi-Permanent HAIR TONER ELEA 100 ml

The NEW Semi-permanent HAIR TONER "ELEA" 100ml is tinting creamy balsam for nourishing, semi-permanent coloring (4-8 washes) and hair shining. 

Contains powerful natural ingredients for hair care:

  • Olive oil and Avocado oil.
  • Extract of Honey and Ginger,
  • Silicone oil - for pronounced gloss effect after use

With NO ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, phenylenediamines, does not change the structure of hairs.



Suitable for refreshing the shades of dyed hair, for making new shades on natural or bleached hair, colored or darker strands for depth and more volume of haircut.


Tinting the hair

Active ingredients: 

Olive oil

Avocado oil

Extract of honey

Extract of ginger

Silicone oil


Tints the hair 

Keeps the color between two coloring with oxidaion hair color 

Makes strands, for perfusion, ombre and other effects

Reduction of unwanted yellowing after bleaching your hair

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Toner

Pack contains: 

- Tube of semi-permanent hair toner 100ml

- Pair of gloves 

- Directions of use