Permanent Hair Colour 'MM Beauty Phyto & Colour' 125g

Hair colour 'MM Beauty Phyto & Colour' 125g
MM Beauty Phyto & Colour

Permanent hair colour MM Beauty with Phyto & Colour Complex NEW
• More gentle, hair-friendly formula with up to 30% lower content of oxidizing agents for healthy hair with saturated, rich and long-lasting colour.
• Protective Phyto & Colour Complex of Birch, Burdock, Chamomile and Marigold - soothes and nourishes the scalp for maximum protection of hair during colouring.
• 1-minute mask for coloured hair with honey and ginger – nourishes the hair to the root, forms a "honey coating" which envelops the hair and enhances its elasticity.  It has detangling effect, facilitates combing and gives unique shine.


Beautiful hair with intense, vital and shiny colour


Permanent hair colouring


Hair Colouring

Active ingredients: 

Honey and Ginger extract
Birch extract
Chamomile extract
Marigold extract
Burdock extract


Extremely long-lasting and intense colour
Perfect grey hair coverage
Phyto complex
Pearl effect

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Colour

MM Beauty
Pack contains: 

Tube of hair colour - 50g
Developer - 60g
1-minute hair mask with honey and ginger  – 15g
Protective gloves
Instructions for use