Permanent Hair Colour Cream ELEA Professional Colour & Care MAX SIZE 256 ml

Permanent Hair Colour Cream ELEA Professional Colour & Care MAX SIZE 256 ml
ELEA Professional Colour & Care

The NEW Permanent cream hair colourant ELEA Professional Colour & Care MAX SIZE is enriched with vegetable oils which ensure easy penetration of the pigments into the hair and maximum coverage of grey hair. Its creamy formula can be easily applied without dripping. This hair colourant gives intensive nutrition and maximum protection of the hair during colouring thanks to the Grape seed oil – rich in Vitamin F and essential fatty acids.

The Nurturing fluid is enriched with vegetable oils:

  • Pure Argan oil – acts as a “nutritional supplement”. It nourishes dry and damaged hair.
  • Almond oil – rich in Vitamin A and E – for healthy, vital and shiny hair
  • Avocado oil – rich in Vitamins A, D, E and antioxidants. It revives dry and damaged hair.

The Neutralizing balsam with Keratin gives elasticity and volume to the hair after colouring.


Your hair colour is shiny, saturated and deep
Professional long-lasting result and maximum care


Hair Colouring

Active ingredients: 

Grape seed oil
Argan oil
Almond oil
Avocado oil


Professional long-lasting result
100% grey hair coverage
Special size for long hair
Argan & oils CARE FLUID
Enriched with Keratin

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Colour

Pack contains: 

1 Tube of hair colour cream - 100 ml
1 Bottle of developer – 120 ml
Neutralizing balsam - 2 x 15 g
Nurturing fluid - 2 x 3 g
1 Pair of protective gloves
Directions for use