Hair Colour "MM Beauty" 125 g

Hair Colour "MM Beauty" 125 g
MM Beauty

MM Beauty gives maximum protection to your hair during the process of colouring. It contains 'Herbal complex' with broad spectrum effect: Camomile extract with antiseptic effect, Birch - for hair recovering, Burdock - for stimulating the growth of hair and Marigold - for healing the sculp. MM Beauty guarantees natural and deep colour, nourished and hydrated hair. It's special formula, enriched with conditioner, gives brilliance and volume to your hair.


Healthy hair with intense, vital and shiny colour


Permanent hair colouring


Hair Colouring

Active ingredients: 

Birch extract
Camomile extract
Marigold extract
Burdock extract


Permanent and long-lasting colour
100% grey hair coverage

Cosmetic type: 

Hair Colour

MM Beauty
Pack contains: 

Hair colour 50g
Developer with phyto-complex 60g
Shine colour fluid 15g
Protective gloves and directions for use